Mechanical Guardian

Location: Vetora City

Evolution: Fighting Loricae

Likes: Truesilver Ore

Antagonist: Ogre

Item Dropped: -

Stunt: Mail Armor - All physical damage suffered by the Mechanical Guardian is reduced by 30%.

AP Spell: Channel Energy - When a Mechanical Guardian gets angry, it will absorb the explosive energy from the planets core and channel it into a devastating attack.


Fighting Loricae

Location: Isle of the Giants

Evolved From: Mechanical Guardians

Likes: Rose Ruby

Antagonist: Ogre Priest

Item Dropped: -

Stunt: Plate Armor - All physical damage the Fighting Loricae receives is reduced by 50%.

AP Spell: Ground Pound - When a Fighting Loricae gets angry, it will topple its enemies by striking the ground heavily.

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