Altis Gates Online

Altis Gates is a 2.5D turn-based MMORPG due to be published soon by IGG. It is set in an ancient European-style world filled with stories and legends. The land of Altis takes design cues from classical European architecture, but with a modern twist. On the Altis continent there live 3 races, including 14 classes for players to choose from. Chock full of fun features, cool graphics and epic tales, Altis Gates is an exciting new addition to the fantasy MMO genre.

Site Map

♥ Altis Gates ♥
♥ New Features ♥
♣ Shape Shifting
♣ Interactive Pets
♣ Smart Bosses
♣ Dynamic Graphics
♥ The 3 Races ♥
♣ Human
♣ Elf
♣ Borg
♥ The Classes ♥
♣ Warrior
♣ Mage
♥ Pets ♥
♣ Pet Info
♣ Pet Spells
♥ Gallery Gate ♥
♣ Picture
♠ Map
♠ Wallpaper
♠ Screen Shot
♠ Battle Screen Shot
♠ Other Picture
♣ Video

Altis Gates Wiki

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