Wedding system is one of the unique feature in Altis Gates. It allows you to prove your true love to your loved ones.

Requirements to get married: Edit

  • Level requirement
  • Marriage Charge
20 Gold
  • Item requirement
    • Oath Ring
    • Pure Oath Ring
    • Zealous Oath Ring
    • Guardians Oath Ring
    • Love Oath Ring

After reaching level 40 and collecting all these rings and gold you can get married to your loved ones.

Marriage Procedure Edit

AGS (108)

Step 1

AGS (109)

Step 2

AGS (110)

Step 3

AGS (111)

Step 4

AGS (112)

Step 5

AGS (113)

Step 6

AGS (114)

Step 7

AGS (115)

Step 8

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